Provider Contracting
Key to the success of any healthcare enterprise is balancing
contracted rates and frequency.

Adeptys can:
• Establish contracting strategies for hospitals, physicians and
  ancillary providers
• Help improve the competitive position

Product Portfolio Alignment
The life cycle of most insurance products is limited.

Adeptys can:
• Identify potentially desirable market segments
• Assist in the design of an aggressive product continuum

Under HIPAA, Medicare Advantage Plans and other government programs,
compliance is imperative.

Adeptys can:

• Provide an up-to-date review
• Prepare a step-by-step plan to achieve compliance
• Assist in implementing the plan

Sales and Marketing Assistance
A plan without effective sales and marketing direction could be
a plan headed nowhere.

Adeptys can:
• Analyze your competitive situation

• Prepare strategic and tactical sales procedures
• Develop highly effective marketing plans
• Recommend creative partnerships
• Enhance profitable growth

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